Parcel 21


Design with a purpose

Parcel 21 project is located in one of the northeasternmost bor- oughs of Istanbul, Şile and the name Parcel 21 comes from the 30 different parcels the other project members got from a large empty area that is planned to be an off-the-scale mass housing project is going to be constructed in real life. As the 2ND year studio, the goal was to interact as much as we could with the sur- rounding parcel owners and build a sustainable residential project with a sub-function.

During the studio, each lot was supposed to create a narrative, a scenario, a set of characters and their roles and as a result, come up with a list of requirements.

Connecting two unreachable points between parcels 20 and 22, and letting them use the project building as a shortcut was the main idea of the project. As a characteristic, the building evolved around a socially important point of view and the most recogniz- able look became this staircase looking almost like an amphi- theater.

The building was owned by a Maker couple and they would’ve in- vite interested people to their houses for them to use their work- shops anad tools: Some sort of a communal housing project, just like a maker campus.These people would live here for a short period of time, while the origial two owners temporarily reside in the building.

This project is located in Şile, a north-eastern borough of Istanbul.

This project is a 1st year studio project in Istanbul Technical University.