The Bosphorus Company of Pharmaceuticals


This very local company not only serves as the lead pharmaceuticals producer, but as an anti-monument.

The Bosphorus Company of Pharmaceuticals, a potent private entity, resides in Beylerbeyi, a coastal enclave on Istanbul's Asian side. More than a mere corporation, it stands as a 'fictional' counterforce to the prevailing power structures that monopolize unaltered, truthful information. The Company's technology transforms its urban location into an anti-monument, a living manifesto that whispers the unspoken sentiments to the 2.5 million souls traversing the Bosphorus Bridge daily.

This anti-monument, a fusion of science and art, employs a series of chemical alchemy that metamorphoses botanical plants into a responsive, dynamic broadcast system. Nestled on a hill, it gazes upon one of the nation's most trafficked intercontinental arteries, a silent sentinel reminding sixteen million Istanbulites of their collective consciousness.

Next time the media trumpets the greatness of the Turkish economy, and the words ring hollow, a mere journey across the bridge may reveal the truth. Observe the botanical garden's hues: has the color shifted to the anxious purple of cortisol, the stress hormone? If so, the garden has spoken, and the city's pulse is laid bare for all to see.

Below is a detailed narrative of how hormones turn into visual capital, truthful sentiments, and pharmacetuicals.

1. Aeration Tanks
The all-interconnected sewer system of Istanbul directs untreated sewage sludge to these tanks. Through a series of hydraulic steel bars, the solid material is separated, a process that reflects the city's own division and connection.

2. Bacterial Digestion
These tanks serve as a microcosm, where materials resistant to mechanical removal are broken down by microorganisms. It's a natural process that mirrors the city's own organic evolution.

3. The Settling Tank
In this chamber, sewage liquid is given time to settle, allowing the heavier sludge to sink. It's a process of patience and gravity, reflecting the city's own rhythms and cycles.

4. The Centrifuge
Here, the remaining sludge undergoes a rapid physical acceleration process. It's a metaphor for the city's own dynamic energy and transformation.

5. The Egg
This massive tank stores hormones in alignment with their molecular weight, a silent testament to order and structure, much like the city's own architectural landscape.

6. Condensation Tubes
Vertical elements concentrate hormones into a form referred to as related hormone plant-meal. It's a process of refinement and focus that echoes the city's own concentration of culture and identity.

7. Activated Charcoal Filtration
The concentrated plant-meal is deodorized, a purification process that reflects the city's own cleansing and renewal.

8. Feeding
Electric pumps send the plant-meal to the botanical complex, a journey that symbolizes the city's own pathways of nourishment and growth.

9. Semi-Permeable Membrane Pipes
These pipes allow the plant meal to nourish the plants organically, a diffusion process that mirrors the city's own organic exchange and flow.

10. Plant Meal Vapor Diffuser
When needed, these diffusers vaporize the plant meal, a subtle transformation that reflects the city's own shifts and changes.

11. The River
This artificial waterway, a conduit for the transfer of leaves, is a liquid highway that mirrors the city's own flow and connection.

12. The Decantation Pool
Here, leaves and water engage in osmosis, extracting organic molecules in a process that echoes the city's own extraction of meaning and substance.

13. Transferring Hormones to the Production Facility
The melatonin hormone is sent to the production facility, a journey that reflects the city's own path towards innovation and discovery.

14. The Furnaces
Here, liquid hormones are exposed to extremes, a metaphor for the city's own trials and resilience.

15. Workers' Prep Section
A transitional space where workers prepare, mirroring the city's own preparation and readiness.AirlocksThese airlocks maintain a controlled environment, reflecting the city's own balance and stability.

16. The Production Lines
In this isolated realm, chemical engineers shape the pre-final matter, artisans in a world that mirrors the city's own crafting of destiny.

17. Pharmaceutical Development
Different organic components are combined here, a creative alchemy that echoes the city's own synthesis of ideas and innovation.

18. The Silos
These silos hold the hormones in various states, a metaphor for the city's own diverse states of being and transformation.

19. Pharmaceutical Processing
Derived and processed pharmaceutical is shaped into pill form, a transformation that reflects the city's own shaping of dreams and realities.

20. Final Product Form-giving
Pressure and form converge to create solid pills, a process that mirrors the city's own creation of structure and foundation.

21. Automated Packaging and Storage Facility
This facility symbolizes efficiency and order, reflecting the city's own striving for progress and organization.

22. Packaging
In this final stage, the pills are prepared for their journey, a reflection of the city's own readiness to face the future, poised and packaged for what lies ahead.

This project is located in Beylerbeyi, a coastal neighborhood on the Asian side of the Bosphorus Strait.

This project was awarded Jury Special Award in ArchED 2019 - Turkey's biggest architecture students' competition.