The Bosphorus Company of Pharmaceuticals


This very local company not only serves as the lead pharmaceuticals producer, but as an anti-monument.

A company that produces mass scale reaction as an end-product in a coastal neighborhood of Istanbul, just like The Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company in Ortaköy. It is a anti-monumental production facility, not only for the capitalist economy but for the people. It uses botany science and utopian-chemistry to collect hormones from all over The Istanbul Sewage System, separates it into hormones, assigns each hormone a different pigment (color), feeds it to the genetically mutant plants (this way the plants store the pigmented food and change color according to the mood and make them synthesise the raw material required) and produces medi- cine out of this materials. While all these are happening, the plants show the real emotions of the public in real life and... TL;DR: It is a very long and conceptual project that you just have to keep reading.

This project is located in Beylerbeyi, a neighborhood on the Asian side of The Bosphorus Strait.

This project was awarded Jury Special Award in ArchED 2019 - Turkey's biggest architecture students' competition.