Montauk Project


A set of structures that are environment-responsive for the increasingly unforeseen environmental challenges of the post-anthropocene

ONGOING PROJECT - How to create a structure in an ever-changing, increasingly unpredictable setting? Although everything starts with a grid to rationalize the nature of the site, the project really is the parts that are configured to go off-the-grid:

The grid symbolizes “architecture”: Well-planed, highly articulated, technical, rational, stable.

Yet, we know that this approach does not work anymore. In a setting such as Amagansett, we know that the fast-changing environmental and climatic conditions, coupled with the proximity of the location to an ocean coast as a lifeguard station, the parts of the complex that are “off the grid” is ever more important.

Architecture is required to define and set a base to build upon. Within this framework, non-architectural vehicles that can withstand and work alongside such unforeseen agents like extreme wind, flooding, and hurricanes allow the station to operate in ways that it normally does not.

Project images and further description to be added soon. 

Amagansett National Wildlife Refuge
Amagansett, Suffolk County, Lond Island, NY

Part of GSAPP Advanced IV Ocean Studio directed by Robert Marino.