The Public Authority of Environmental Acts


This privately sponsored public institution from 2050 develops strategies to mitigate climate change & its effects.

The UN Climate Summit 2019 has again shown how ignorant the decision-making positions could be regarding scientific data and environmental agenda. Yet, these would be the same decision-makers sponsoring ‘environment-friendly’ campaigns to extend their base for political gain. Inspired by this unsentimental relationship of the decision-makers, particularly one embodied in the form of a highway sign on Henry Hudson Parkway in NYC; this project investigates a new social structure, in which the ‘capital owners’ and ‘politicians’ would have to comply with the scien- tific research. In 2050, pollution and overpopulation cause an exodus to the rural. Abandoned these market-driven production machines of the capital, mega-cities, a privately-funded, science-led, publicly-owned institution has emerged to develop methods and technologies that will help reclaim these mega-cities. Here, the inves- tors come and ask to sponsor the research and remediation actions. In return, they will have their ‘propaganda’ on the saline-water resistant sunflower colonies that clean the waters.

So when these cities become inhabitable, they would be the ones who let it happen.

This project is located in the Golden Horn (Haliç), Istanbul.

This project is awarded Graduation Grade with Honors at Istanbul Technical University in 2020.