The United States
of Whatever’s Left


Seventh-semester studio work on an agrocell prototype that takes place in a dystopian future in the continent of North America

In a post-global warming future where the economics and industries are broken; the vast majority of people have lost their lives because of hunger, poverty and over radiation. The low birth rates and lack of fertile land to do agriculture led governments fall, replaced by the new communities that could adapt to this catastrophic agenda.

People freewillingly agreed on phytoremediating. Families of 2 or 3 were assigned as the soil detoxifiers. Whatever’s left of the wealth of the nation has been resourced to enrich the agricultural lands again so that the food crisis could be over.

These citizens use their worm-shaped remediators which could triple as a house and a farm. These machines would drill under the once fertile lands and once it’s been decided to be the right point, the special plants are led to grow their roots outside - this way, the soil could be cleared out of the harmful agents. After the detoxifying is done, the remediator would move on and government drones would start to guerilla-plant these lands.This way both the families were supplied with a sustainable source of clear air and food, and the agricultural lands were brought back for the future generations.

Phytoremediating is a term that’s used for the process of enriching the infertile agriculturalland by using spesific plants and different methods.

TUTOR: Assoc. Prof. Ozan Önder Özener, İTÜ