The Werkstatt Building for The Public Authority


Part of the Graphical Representation Techniques class in Istanbul Technical University.

From the PDF:

“An institution, a publicly-owned authority that is funded by the private investors who are seeking their way out of a series of catastrophic environmental events which leads up to a massive exodus out of megacities of today like Istanbul, New York or London - ultimately hurting the global economy and biggest of the biggest companies we know today.

This institution is here to save the environments using floating platforms that are carrying GMO-sunflowers to clean up the waters.

The Istanbul Campus of this research center/office for political design/debate space/investor embassy sort of a complex is in where the golden horn splits into two different waterways. Here please find the old German Werkstatt, which was built sometime around World War I by Germans for no reason! This building will be repurposed into an entryway for the rest of the complex, which is known to do research and cocktails for the bureaucrats that are doing, well, some work here that even I, the imaginator of all this graduation project mess, cannot really tell.

In the following pages, you are welcomed to a journey with me, Taha, through the change of this Werkstatt from a nice and cozy workshop into an accidental urban pool: The climate change and pollution comes with the rising sea levels! And please notice every single mark on the walls and the floors, and the construction materials and the gigantic poster made out of fabric saying ‘The Public Authority will be here soon’ in reverse. ”

Lecturer Bahadır Numan, PhD, İTÜ; Sonya Grace TÜRKMAN, PhD, İTÜ

This work is a part of THE PUBLIC AUTHORITY OF ENVIRONMENTAL ACTS project. Please click here for more.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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The studio work’s aim was to retrofit an existing building (The Werkstatt) based on a scenario (The Public Authority of Environmental Acts) and digitally create collages of future predictions of this space.
See how these changes correlate with the collages below.